Emily Netti Photography came to us wanting a way to separate herself from her competition and make her brand/business feel less intimidating while at the same time more personably. We also provided three Black/White looping videos that she used on her website as headers to increase the production value of her website, to once again separate herself from her competition, and give her website a more personable feel.

A bio video is great for any profession where it is a 1:1 relationship with clients or any profession where you may be effecting your clients in a very big financial and or personable way. Some of the professions where these videos have high ROI are independent creators (photo/video/graphic design, etc), Real Estate Agents, therapists, family doctors, coaching/training, and the list goes on and on.

Much like the above example, a bio video touches on the individuals passions, hobbies, and their "WHY". In these professions it is important to connect on a personal level with your clients so they feel comfortable and at ease when doing business with you. Your clients will feel like you are trying to help them instead of sell them on a service or product. The best part is you are accomplishing everything we just said even before you come into contact with a potential client because that wall between client and business has already been broken down when they land on your website and watch the video.

An investment like this controls your brands or businesses narrative and presents itself to potential clients for years and years to come, which is great because just after closing a few deals or gaining a new client a video and its assets will have paid for itself.

Oswego County came to us wanting an Ad they could run on Social Platforms and in physical screens in the shopping center "Destiny USA". The goal was to get create a spot to encourage Christmas tree shopping within Oswego County and what better way then to show the excitement of a kid when they get to go Christmas tree shopping.

The Ad needed to have an experiential feel, make it feel like a destination when you're tree shopping, and most importantly it needed to have a lot of energy since it was a shorter Ad. Overall the Ad was was seen by 1,000s in Destiny USA and played in front of 5,000 on social media. A spot like this can really boost a how the general population views a brand or business, which is why video is so important, it allows you to control the narrative you and your business.

Tammy came to us wanting to create a series of videos for the holidays while incorporating one of her several professions, bartending. She loves to make cocktails and she had a list of Christmas/New Years ones lined up for us to shoot. When collaborating with how we wanted to present them, we knew they would perform best when kept in the 60-90 second time length, keeping them short and simple, but most importantly keeping them engaging. With almost 80k views on the 6 videos, she was able to grab new followers while keeping her current ones on the edge of their seating waiting for the next upload.

Showcasing a product and making it larger than life is a MUST when trying to sell it. You want to create a feeling, make it an experience, let the customer know what to expect when buying/using the product. The modern day audience is looking to be entertained, so give them a viewing experience like no other!

Why video? While photography cost less and is quicker to produce, it is also what everyone else is doing (not a very good way to separate you from your competition). The unique perspective about video is that the algorithms on social platforms favor video, they put it in front of the consumer before the photography. 72% of users rather learn about a product through a video rather than a photo or text (people like to be entertained, so do it with video!).

Investing in a product video like this is just that, an investment. You get to control the narrative and tell the story you want about your product. These videos pay for themselves very quickly when advertised correctly and the best part is their are no actors, location, or permits needed to pull this off, which means your money is efficiently working.

6 out of 10 people watch more video on their phone/computer/tablet more than the Television and those numbers are even higher with the younger your target audience is.

It is EXTREMELY important to create content that is platform specific, as 82% of users find content that is NOT optimized for the platform as off-putting and become uninterested in the video/message. Luckily that is something we focus on when creating your content is optimizing each piece for a specific platform, so you as the business can entertain your audiences on all desired platforms.

Naples Brewing Company was a brewery that was looking to tell their story to their community and potential customers. Without a strong “About Us” video on a website, a business doesn’t have a voice or a way to communicate with potential customers. In this video Naples Brew Co is able to tell how they got started and how they intend to get involved in their community. The advantage of an “About Us” video is that a new customer can know a little bit about you (building trust with a customer is huge here) and they can put a face to the businesses name, making the potential customer more comfortable and more likely to do business with them in the future. Naples Brew Co now has a way to passively connect and communicate with their customers.


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