Connecting With Clients Through VIDEO

Emily Netti Photography came to us wanting a way to separate herself from her competition and make her brand/business feel less intimidating while at the same time more personably. We also provided three Black/White looping videos that she used on her website as headers to increase the production value of her website, to once again separate herself from her competition, and give her website a more personable feel.

A bio video is great for any profession where it is a 1:1 relationship with clients or any profession where you may be effecting your clients in a very big financial and or personable way. Some of the professions where these videos have high ROI are independent creators (photo/video/graphic design, etc), Real Estate Agents, therapists, family doctors, coaching/training, and the list goes on and on.

Much like the above example, a bio video touches on the individuals passions, hobbies, and their "WHY". In these professions it is important to connect on a personal level with your clients so they feel comfortable and at ease when doing business with you. Your clients will feel like you are trying to help them instead of sell them on a service or product. The best part is you are accomplishing everything we just said even before you come into contact with a potential client because that wall between client and business has already been broken down when they land on your website and watch the video.

An investment like this controls your brands or businesses narrative and presents itself to potential clients for years and years to come, which is great because just after closing a few deals or gaining a new client a video and its assets will have paid for itself.


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