Product Video Ads that SELL

Showcasing a product and making it larger than life is a MUST when trying to sell it. You want to create a feeling, make it an experience, let the customer know what to expect when buying/using the product. The modern day audience is looking to be entertained, so give them a viewing experience like no other!

Why video? While photography cost less and is quicker to produce, it is also what everyone else is doing (not a very good way to separate you from your competition). The unique perspective about video is that the algorithms on social platforms favor video, they put it in front of the consumer before the photography. 72% of users rather learn about a product through a video rather than a photo or text (people like to be entertained, so do it with video!).

Investing in a product video like this is just that, an investment. You get to control the narrative and tell the story you want about your product. These videos pay for themselves very quickly when advertised correctly and the best part is their are no actors, location, or permits needed to pull this off, which means your money is efficiently working.

6 out of 10 people watch more video on their phone/computer/tablet more than the Television and those numbers are even higher with the younger your target audience is.

It is EXTREMELY important to create content that is platform specific, as 82% of users find content that is NOT optimized for the platform as off-putting and become uninterested in the video/message. Luckily that is something we focus on when creating your content is optimizing each piece for a specific platform, so you as the business can entertain your audiences on all desired platforms.


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